Saints, Sinners & Heroes Reviews

Seeks accuracy more than glory, and in his words we find a glimpse of the elusive truth.

The ultimate whistleblower handbook, featuring numerous real life examples and case studies. By one of America’s most visible whistleblower attorneys.

Author and multi-billion-dollar lawsuit-winning lawyer Brian Mahany opens his informative and entertaining book on whistleblowers with a section entitled “The Whistleblower's Toolbox.” In clear and unambiguous language, it explains in detail all the basic legislation regulating the actions of whistleblowers in America.

Brian Mahany’s account of the earliest precedents of the False Claims Act is a delightful, less-wordy history lesson with mesmerizing storytelling. This style continues throughout the book, making it clear that if Mahany were ever to tackle fiction, he would succeed in literature as stellarly as he has in America's courtrooms...

AHOY, mateys!!! Thar she blows....

I encountered Brian’s book in early 2017 while I was preparing my writ of certiorari for submission to SCOTUS, where we had finally reached after four years of litigation. I immediately read it, gaining ten years of valuable experience in a few hours. If you act in the whistleblowing arena, you will find immediate use for this book, and the cost is insignificant. You should mark it up in many colors, attach notes and bookmarks, and it should take a place in your library right next to Gerry Spence and William Blackstone. With the three books, along with your old Family Bible, and with a good foundation from George Gordon’s Late Night School of can run with the big dogs. We have a new President now, and I’m listening to the examination of a new United States Attorney General. I am greatly encouraged, pro hac vice.

If you are not a whistle blower, or someone who makes their living blowing whistles, or someone who makes their living defending predator corporations, or if you just like to lay on the beach reading of real-life human struggle. Modern life places a large emphasis on accumulation of money and treasure. Most people are happy to work for it. There is another class of people who prefer to just take it. They take some risk, but reap generous reward. These people we call thieves. Brian calls them sinners.

They are a devious bunch. They keep a low profile. Information on their habits and proclivities is scarce. There are rules. We learn from the experience of others. Occasionally we catch one. Very occasionally, we catch a Great White Whale! There is nothing more fun...with your clothes on.

Happy with the state of the world?

If you're happy with the state of the world, content to see large banks and corporations rip off taxpayers and want to pass on the opportunity to receive potentially millions of dollars in bounty money, then, by all means, don't read this book.

The Reigning King of Whistleblower Actions Across the United States.

Street Tough Lawyer Fighting for the Little Guy.

A quick read that is hard to put down

Brian is no doubt a modern Don Quixote but with deadly aim at the fraudster. The fraudster can be a person, a large bank, an investment company - it does not matter they do not scare him one bit. In fact I can tell he relishes the challenge - the bigger the Goliath - the greater the fun. The stories of C-Suite frauds are all the more shocking when you realize this was done to fleece the public and line their pockets. It was not an error or an oversight but a raw cold calculated choice. A choice made with assumed bet - it will too complicated and no one will figure it out. No one but a whistleblower and Brian could figure it out and bring the thieves into the light of day to pay for their crimes. The book is a frustrating and riveting read. Frustrating as no one can believe the actual callousness of the C-suite thieves and riveting as the books is a quick read as it is hard to put down.

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