Excerpt: Young Revolutionaries Who Rock by Dallas Jessup


“Not since the 1960s has there been so compelling a call to teen activism... It's about fighting back”
- Good Morning America

In Young Revolutionaries Who Rock, teen author Dallas Jessup delivers a how-to guide for any teen who wants to change the world. She begins by chronicling her own experience on the front lines of youth activism as she grew a community service project to fight sexual predators into a non-profit working in 43 countries.

The author then shares the stories of nine other high impact youths she met along the path to success in the non profit world. These are amazing stories of kids who started their own projects to stop bullying, to stop Big Tobacco, to feed the hungry and to fight for a cure. They've all launched revolutions that are changing the world.

Young Revolutionaries Who Rock is surprisingly timely as it echoes President Obama's call to service with a call of its own: to America's youth. In an inspiring format that reminds one of an earlier generation of revolutionaries like John Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. these stories present compelling images of community service and the people behind them.

One teen featured, Vasanth Kuppuswamy, spends his summers in rural India teaching and delivering much-needed supplies to schools that had nothing. Another youth was bullied in school by kids and also teachers for being different; he's launched programs across North America to hardwire acceptance into the schools.

While the service models are gripping, what may truly engage a teenage reader will be Dallas' stories of the major celebrities she gets to connect with as she rolls out her Just Yell Fire project. Sports stars like Peyton Manning, television celebs from Evangeline Lilly to Selena Gomez, major political figures and even some activists from the 60s have connected with the author and other teens featured. Who should read the book? Any parent who wants their teen to get involved in something important, every teacher looking for a way to inspire students to take action, and young people who would like to join a generation of revolutionaries who are having fun while saving the world.

You'll cheer for the young man who took on and beat Big Tobacco, your heart will connect with a 13 year old cancer survivor who is almost single handedly making mass bone marrow registrations happen - these and other Young Revolutionaries Who Rock make this book a must-read and a how-to for youth activism. The author and these teens are indeed the Revolutionary Voices of a New Generation.

Audience: Parents, Teachers, Teens, Everyone Excited by Hope of the Next Great Generation

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