Dror Bikel

Dror Bikel

New York’s Bikel and Schanfield matrimonial lawyers focus exclusively on divorces, child custody, spousal and child support, and all related matters from prenuptial agreements to custody modifications. Matrimonial law is all we do and managing partner Dror Bikel has been practicing in this arena for three decades.

Your most advantageous approach is having an experienced New York trial lawyer (little known fact: most lawyers rarely, if ever, go to court – legitimate experienced trial attorneys are rare) at your side. Bikel & Schanfield attorneys are recognized as among New York’s and the country’s best matrimonial trial attorneys.

With decades of actual courtroom experience helping clients protect their children, their assets, and their rights in divorce and custody cases we know the factors New York courts consider when issuing rulings and rendering decisions, as well as the variances by court and by judge.

This hard-earned knowledge is priceless when advising clients on their rights and responsibilities so they can make strategic and tactical decisions based on facts and our experience.

We prepare for trial starting day one when you retain us. Why?

We know that by taking a proactive and fully informed approach we are never caught off guard and are in a prime position to negotiate a strong and fair settlement because we are ready for trial on every issue and the opposing legal team knows it.

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