Betrayal of Valor by Eric Gang

Betrayal of Valor

An Exposé of a Horribly Flaweed Veteran's Administration

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Chapter List

Mental and Physical Health Connection: Establishing Secondary Service Connection
Preventative Medicine Issues
Risk Factors for PTSD
The Psychological Impact of War: PTSD and Mental Health Issues
Military Service and Substance Abuse
Traumatic Brain Injury
Agent Orange and Vietnam Veterans: A Generation of Health Problems
The Military Sexual Trauma Epidemic
Suicide Among U.S. Veterans
Veteran Homelessness and Unemployment
The Deadly Wait: Dangerous Flaws in Medical Care Access
Deadly Doctors: VA Medical Negligence
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Fraud
Veterans and Crime
Other than Honorable Discharges
The Socioeconomic Divide (may or may not address)
The Role of VSO
Access to Advocates and Representatives
Claims and Appeals Process
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