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- Coast to Coast
George Knapp was joined in the first half of the program by author and PR expert Maggie Jessup, who shared her insights on personal branding and how to become famous. Jessup said her firm receives inquiries every day from people who want to be famous, some with no apparent talents and others who want to become a brand in order to get to the top of their respective fields. So how does one stand out from the crowd? "You take a page out of old Hollywood and the publicity game, and you position...

Catching Up With Vivica A. Fox, Shaft, the Hulk and TV's Batman

- Voice of America
BARBARA KLEIN: Welcome to the VOA Special English program THIS IS AMERICA. I’m Barbara Klein.
CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: And I’m Christopher Cruise. This week we tell about several American actors who were widely recognized years ago. But they now are not big stars or famous like they once were. We ask them how they dealt with these changes.
BARBARA KLEIN: Imagine you are one of the most-famous movie stars in the world. Millions of people pay to see your films,...

Your Looks and Your Job: Does Appearance Affect Advancement?

How your appearance may affect getting hired, getting promoted, and making more money

We’d all like to believe that career success is strictly a result of talent, drive, and skill set. But have you ever wondered whether factors unrelated to your work performance, such as personal appearance, influence your chances for advancement?
We have—and to find answers to this compelling question, sought the opinions and advice of a number of workplace experts, as well as women themselves in various industries. Do looks affect getting hired,...

Maggie Jessup: Co-author of Fame 101

Maggie Jessup: Co-author of Fame 101

Apply these principles no matter what you're doing

- KGO Newstalk AM 810
Maggie Jessup, Co-founder Platform Strategy, PR & Brand Strategy Firm spoke about FAME 101…the ultimate guide to personal branding, publicity, professional celebrity, and the other components of Fame for anyone wanting to increase their visibility, capture the power of a compelling personal brand, and monetize the results.

Book Review - Fame 101

Everyone loves an author. So write a book already!

- Stark Insider
Fame 101 - Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success By Jay Jessup & Maggie Jessup Sutton Hart Press 219 pages
Mother Theresa is an unlikely place to start when talking about fame and celebrity. Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton and Angelina Jolie — all seemingly better choices when trying to deconstruct that upper echelon (top 1%) that live in the spotlight. And more importantly: why them, and not you?
In Fame 101 – Powerful Personal Branding &...

Fast Track to Fame

Fame, Fame, Fame

- The Philadelphia Inquirer
Did you give up on the idea of fame when you realized you couldn't cut it as a rock star or Major League ballplayer? Must you earn your living in obscurity because you became a teacher or an optician or an accountant?
The fact is, anybody can achieve career-related fame, says Jay Jessup, a principal at Platform Strategy, a branding and publicity firm in Vancouver, Wash. Social media, reality TV and other avenues have brought us celebrity mechanics, tattoo artists and cake...

How to Get Famous (and Rich)

- US News & World Report
Fame is the secret to wealth, security, and success, according to a new book, Fame 101, by Maggie and Jay Jessup. The authors argue that becoming a well-known entity, whether you’re a librarian, florist, or politician, is the path to more money and satisfaction. And they believe they can teach anyone to become famous.
“Fame is America’s most powerful force and anyone can harness it with compelling personal branding,” the authors, who are publicists,...

How to Get Famous In One Year (Or Less)

The "two kinds" of fame, and why networking doesn't work

- Psychology Today
Lady Gaga. Rachael Ray. Barack Obama. They've all mastered the fame formula, so called by authors Maggie and Jay Jessup. The publicists and founders of Platform Strategy have written a book called Fame 101 about what it takes to get famous fast -- and no, going viral on YouTube isn't really part of the plan. Here, Ms. Jessup shares some of her thoughts on brand building, the "two kinds" of fame, and why simply networking doesn't work.
In a nutshell, what's the "fame formula" as...

Mensa National Conference Features Jay and Maggie Jessup, Platform Strategy Founders

- Seattle Times
Jay and Maggie Jessup, founders of the branding & publicity boutique Platform Strategy and authors of Fame 101 (Sutton Hart Press) are slated to address America's brightest at Mensa's 2011 Annual Gathering at the Portland Hilton Conference Center on February 1, 2011.
Mensa conference attendees, with membership requiring a top 2% IQ, will learn how to package, brand, and publicize their professional expertise to become the nationally recognized leading voice of any field using ...

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