Timeless Women Share Strategies for Fame - Maggie Jessup

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Why do the media choose your press release over a thousand others? What creates an "Oprah Winfrey" out of a weather girl or a "Rachel Ray" from a grocery store food sampler?

Maggie Jessup knows how to make you the star of your profession and she shares pivotal elements of her "fame formula" from her book, Fame 101, in this "Conversation with Dr. Nancy."

Maggie used her expertise as an investigative journalist to embark on a successful career as a publicist. She co-founded Platform Strategies, Inc., a leading publicity and brand strategy firm. Working daily to find stories that were newsworthy, Maggie is uniquely qualified to create those stories for her clients.

In this compelling conversation, Maggie charts the path of several celebrities and examines how they became the top name in their field. No matter what you want to achieve, following Maggie's strategies can help you get recognized.

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