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Market Yourself for Success

Market Yourself for Success

- AM Northwest
Publicist and Marketing Strategist Maggie Jessup joined us to talk about her new book, Fame 101.  In it she talks about the importance of personal branding and how it can help you achieve success in your chosen field.
For more information, visit Maggie's book website.

Comic Startup Cashes in on Star Power

- Reuters
CHICAGO ( - When Barack Obama merely mentioned how much he liked his BlackBerry, the unofficial endorsement was said to be worth as much as $50 million. While not in the same stratosphere, a small comic book startup is using caricatures of the president, First Lady Michelle Obama and other big names to drive up sales.
Blue Water Productions has tapped a vein of mass appeal, capitalizing on the star power of public figures. Besides the Obamas,...

Law Firms: How to Not Become a Commodity

- Los Angeles Daily Journal
Top tier California law firms are facing the biggest financial challenge in their history: commoditization of high-end legal services and the plummeting fees that could surely follow. Some are in denial while others are working to differentiate with niche practices - but a few select firms will find high-trajectory growth in this new environment by going a step further. Their strategy? Power branding specialty practices while also publicizing the personal brands of practice ...

For Celebrity Lawyers, It's All About the Packaging

- Washington Business Journal
While the recession may have been unkind to the legal industry, you’re a lawyer who’s pretty sure you’re an exception. You’ve identified a hot little niche for yourself and read every word ever written on that topic. There’s just one problem: Every time you start talking about your new expertise — say the legal implications of derivative instruments — you clear the room.
Enter Maggie Jessup, fame coach to the rich but not famous.

The Professional Elite: Formula for Fame

- San Francisco Daily Journal
High visibility lawyers get the best clients, television shows, book deals and earn 10 times the norm; but how do they get celebrity status? The new book, "Fame 101," identifies a mix of powerful personal branding and celebrity-level publicity as the common formula of America's super successful. "Fame 101" is a blueprint for harnessing branding and publicity power using the fame formula proven by Gloria Allred, Gerry Spence, Johnnie Cochran, and all others in the ...

Doctors: Memorable or Forgettable? 4 Steps to a High Visibility Practice

Celebrity MDs Learn from Hollywood & Washington With Fame 101

- Yahoo! News
Portland, Oregon January 28, 2010 -- Celebrity doctors attract high-value patients, get book deals, CNN expert spots, lucrative speaking engagements, and earn ten times the norm; but how do they win that celebrity status? Publicity and branding experts report high-visibility doctors are as adept at publicity and personal branding as any Hollywood film idol or rock star politician.
The new book Fame 101 (Sutton Hart Press 2010) identifies a mix of powerful personal branding and...

Women Gathering for Conection and Personal Enrichment

- Salon Forum
"Fame 101" with Maggie Jessup
Publicist and marketing specialist Maggie Jessup has created Alpha Celebrities in every field using her pioneering "Fame Formula" to catapult her clients into the top one percent of their professions. Maggie will share her behind-the-scenes strategies of entertainment industry notables, celebrity lawyers, winning politicians and others. She...

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