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Fame 101: A Blueprint for a fabulous career

- Can-India
Although there is no shortcut to success, there is a magic ingredient. Maggie Jessup, director of Platform Strategy has that secret formula which catapults her clients into the top one percent of their professions. A former journalist turned publicity maven, Maggie in her new book, Fame 101, shares behind-the-scenes strategies of entertainment industry notables, evangelists, celebrity lawyers, winning politicians and others.
In an interview in Can-India News, Maggie lifts the veil into...

Personal Branding, Publicity, and Promotion

Lessons in branding and publicity from Fame 101

Getting Famous, Fame 101 with author Maggie Jessup

Fame 101 Author Maggie Jessup Interview

Implausible anti-aging efforts can fail at work

- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
There's nothing like finding that first gray hair, is there?
It's a sign that you're aging. But what happens when that gray hair may affect your ability to get -- or keep -- a job?
For many older job seekers and employees worried about looking young enough to be seen as a vital asset to a company, it has meant having plastic surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 13.1 million plastic surgery procedures, such as facelifts, breast augmentations and...

Fame 101: Branding and Publicity Strategies

Fame 101: Branding and Publicity Strategies

- AM790 Positive Business
Jay Jessup joined host Patricia Raskin to talk about his book FAME 101 and to share ideas about how people and companies can use his branding and publicity strategies to join the leading one percent of every field. Raskin's show features notable guests including Jack Canfield, Jane Seymour, Dr. Oz and other cultural icons with messages and advice for living a positive life.

Maggie Jessup - Fame 101

Maggie Jessup - Fame 101

- South Florida Today
Have you always wanted to build a brand a make a name for yourself? Well, this segment is for you. Maggie Jessup, author of Fame 101 joins us to share some strategies how you can quickly rise to the top like most celebrities...

Fame 101: A Road Map to National Recognition

- Diversity MBA Magazine
Is your MBA fast-tracking your career, or are your peers leapfrogging you to the corner office, getting massive start-up funding, attracting mega-deals, and otherwise leaving you in the professional dust? Maybe it’s time to revamp your professional brand strategy.
A recent study of America’s success icons reveals a common element — all are as adept at personal branding, promotion, and publicity as any Hollywood superstar. The study’s authors hypothesize that the elite 1% of...

Are You Underselling Yourself?

A guide to getting what you're worth for entrepreneurs and contract workers.

The price of gas goes up. So does a half-gallon of organic milk. Property taxes and health care costs aren't getting cheaper. So here's a question to all the entrepreneurs and freelance/contract workers out there: Why are your fees stuck at the same rate as last year? Or worse--as several years ago?
"Women unconsciously tie price setting to self esteem and self respect," says Kirsten Osolind, a marketing consultant who specializes in branding to women and a former Public...

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