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Timeless Women Share Strategies for Fame - Maggie Jessup

Why do the media choose your press release over a thousand others? What creates an "Oprah Winfrey" out of a weather girl or a "Rachel Ray" from a grocery store food sampler?
Maggie Jessup knows how to make you the star of your profession and she shares pivotal elements of her "fame formula" from her book, Fame 101, in this "Conversation with Dr. Nancy."
Maggie used her expertise as an investigative journalist to embark on a successful career as a publicist. She co-founded Platform...

'Laying low' is a good way to be out of a job

- New Jersey Business
Celeste White of Devlin Communications writes: "Being recently fired, I would say, looking back, the way to survive is to lay low. I would advise employees that are currently employed to, shut your mouth, do the minimum amount of work possible and whatever you do, don’t shine. Be wallpaper, those are the ones that survive in the workplace."
Some career experts share Celeste’s basic view that the way to survive at work when times are tough is to keep your head down,...

New Attorneys: Tips for a High Trajectory Career

- Los Angeles Daily Journal
New attorneys are very conscious of how others are doing in the profession. They watch those few classmates who glide into great jobs with the coolest firms, the small percentage of associates who seemingly effortlessly leapfrog their contemporaries in the race towards partnership, and the very few partners who stand out as the recognized best among alleged equals.
Whether you’re toiling on a delay-tactic discovery motion in a windowless room behind a faux marble facade at a mega...

Businesswomen Are Encouraged to Become Professional Speakers

- Small Business Digest
Building a career as a paid, professional speaker isn't easy. Although most women in business are qualified to pull off lucrative speaking engagements, it takes the right tools to maintain long-term success in the field.
Personal-branding expert Maggie Jessup, author of Fame 101, says that businesswomen must first pick the right audience and venue to create the groundwork for a successful, professional speaking event.
Most businesswomen recognize they have the potential...

Unlock your star power by building a personal brand

- Metro Canada
You’re the new hotshot on the corporate block but nobody’s heard of you? Maybe it’s time to look at your promotional strategy.
Formulating a branding plan is the first rule of virtually every notable personality — from U.S. President Barack Obama to Ellen DeGeneres.
“The common thread of success among (celebrities) is the fame formula,” notes Maggie Jessup, co-author of Fame 101, a book dedicated to professional success secrets....

Fame 101: Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success - Jay Jessup

by Jay Jessup and Maggie Jessup - Sutton Hart Press

- The Houston Lawyer
"Remember... that every fame seeker needs a story because to the public and in the media it's the story that sells; not the person." Does this mantra by Jay Jessup and Maggie Jessup, authors of Fame 101, sound familiar to lawyers? The answer is most likely a "yes." Indeed, it is remarkably similar to Jim Perdue's message in his bestseller on effective advocacy: Winning with Stories: Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials. Perdue states that "a trial is not a debate; it's a...

No. 1 Business Book 2010 Q1: Sutton Hart Press – Fame 101, Author Jay Jessup

Fame 101 DIY Personal Branding, Publicity, & Promotion Strategies Tops Publisher Sutton Hart List

- USA Today
Fame 101 was the best selling business & careers book for Sutton Hart Press for the first quarter of 2010. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Borders sales accounted for the lion's share of trade orders supported by an ongoing tour, national media, and speaking events by authors Jay Jessup and Maggie Jessup.
"We weren't surprised by Fame 101's success," said Rob Schmidt, marketing director at Sutton Hart. "In a challenging economy people are looking for new and creative ...

"Terrible Too's" That Can Sabotage Your Career

Everyone knows that in business, success depends more on the brain that's in your head than the hairstyle on your head. Or does it? In a new book on personal branding, Fame 101 (Sutton Hart Press, 2010), publicity and branding expert Maggie Jessup argues that even the most hard-working and talented women can create their own glass ceiling by ignoring four 'Terrible Too's' of appearance.
What are these potential career killers? Too much style; too young; too bad hair; and...

Mensa Northwest Conference Features Jay Jessup, Branding and Publicity Strategist, Platform Strategy Founder

Jay Jessup, Fame 101 Author & Platform Strategy Founder, to Address Northwest’s Brightest at Mensa Event

- Brand Management World
Author Jay Jessup, co-founder of the publicity and branding boutique Platform Strategy, is slated to address the Northwest’s brightest at Mensa’s 2010 Oregon Annual Event on May 1st, 2010.
Mensa attendees, with membership requiring a top 2% IQ, will discover how to use their gift to become a nationally recognized leading voice of any professional field using compelling personal branding and celebrity level publicity.
Jessup’s presentation Smart is Just the...

Dreaming of a Book Deal? Make it a Reality!

- San Francisco Daily Journal
Lawyers with book deals are legal profession royalty in terms of credibility, recognition, branding, and income. Paradoxically, while every attorney thinks about writing "The Book" very few start and an infinitesimal percentage actually complete their manuscript and go on to get published
What if an attorney could write a marketable non-fiction book in 60 days, get a book deal, become a media darling, and be on the lucrative speaking circuit in less than a year while their new client...

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