Crude, Slick and Deadly by Justin L. Williams

Crude, Slick and Deadly

Exposing the Dark Side of Big Oil

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Table of Contents

Deadly Crude
Fatality Rates
Hazardous Jobs
The “Imperfect People” Defense
One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Risky Business - Offshore Platforms
The Alvenus: A Cautionary Tale
Putting the BP Oil Spill Behind?
Snubbing Unit Incidents
The XTO Blowout
When Downhole Pressure Rises
The Silent Killer
H2S Monitoring Issues
The Keystone Pipeline Disaster
The Iowa Derailment Oil Spill
Involuntary Sacrifice - Sacrifice Zones
Trading Health for Profit
Big Oil's Conspiracy With Big Insurance
Fake Green Initiatives
Communities Fight Back
How Lawsuits Make The Industry Safer
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