Table of Contents

About the Author
Part I: Brief History of Infrastructure
Ancient Infrastructure
Early American Infrastructure
The Modern Era
Part II: Cheap, Fast, and Broken
Bridges | Busted & Rusted
Aging Dams & Climate Change | A Disastrous Combo
Drinking Water | Our H20 Problem
Energy | Empowering the Energy System
Roads | Rome Built to Last. So Can We.
Schools | Campus Catastrophes
Transit | Best Intentions Derailed
Space | Why Space Tech Needs to Take Off
Cyber Infrastructure | Invisible War Lords
Environmental Infrastructure | Future-Forward Infrastructure
Sports Arenas | Whose Dime Is It Anyway?
Aviation | Terminal Rehab and Restructure
Hazardous Waste | Legacy Pollutants
Levees | Let History be thy Guide
Taming Nature | Inland Waterways and the Lifeblood of Commerce
Public Parks | Our Partnership with the Planet
Rails | Positive Train Control – That’s the Ticket
Ports in Peril
Solid Waste | Fight Dirty
Wastewater | The Monster Beneath
Part III: Infrastructure Solutions
Economic Impact
Economic Impact | Social Values of Impact Projects
Possible Scenarios | America 2050
A Modern New Deal
Building for the Ages | Balancing Infrastructure & Conservation
Green Infrastructure | Networks of Resilience
The Future of Healthy Buildings and the Health Impact of Built Environments
Leadership | The Sturdy States of America
Infrastronger | Why Act Now?
Infrastructure For The Next Era | Building an Era
Visionaries | New Foundations
Texas Leading the Nation
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