Norm Pattis

Norm Pattis

Norm Pattis is veteran of more than 100 successful jury trials, many resulting in acquittals for people charged with serious crimes, multi million dollar civil rights and discrimination verdicts, and successful criminal appeals. The Hartford Courant describes his work as “Brilliant” and “Audacious”.

Norm founded and leads Pattis Law Firm, a Connecticut based criminal defense and civil rights firm which focuses on serious felonies including violent felonies, white collar crimes, sex offenses, drug crimes, and misconduct by lawyers, doctors, and government officials. Pattis has defended capital murder cases and won federal civil rights verdicts for police brutality, false arrest, discrimination, malicious prosecution, and violations of rights including several million dollar discrimination verdicts. He has argued scores of criminal appeals in both State and Federal Courts.

Attorneys across the United States frequently associate lawyer Norm Pattis as trial counsel in high stakes cases in other jurisdictions and regularly refer their most serious New England matters to the Pattis Law Firm.

He worked with Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming and as a faculty member for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).

A frequent expert legal commentator for national media outlets, Norman Pattis is a popular speaker, prolific blogger, and author of Taking Back the Courts (Sutton Hart Press).

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