New Book: Soon-to-be Ex – Guide to a Perfect Divorce by NYC’s #1 Divorce Lawyer

Manhattan Divorce Maven Jacqueline Newman’s Guide to Surviving & Thriving Marriage’s End

January 7, 2016 New York, NY – New York’s queen of high net worth divorces, lawyer Jacqueline Newman’s new book, Soon-to-be Ex: a Guide to a Perfect Divorce & Relaunch is set for February 1, 2017 release by Sutton Hart Press. An illuminating mix of Newman’s sharp wit, wisdom, and strategy – the author decodes the divorce process and life realities to help women make smart decisions about kids, money, their own psychological well-being and plan an excellent What’s Next.

Soon to be Ex by Jacqueline Newman
Soon to be Ex: A Guide to the Perfect Divorce and Relaunch

Soon-to-be Ex launches with an intelligent examination of typical divorce motives to help a would-be divorcee take a step back to first determine if a split up is the right move for her or merely a grass seems greener temporary situation.

If the marriage is truly on the rocks Jacqueline guides her soon-to-be ex-wife readers through the divorce process from A to Z with an experienced hand from her 15 years of legal experience as managing partner of a New York first tier matrimonial law firm.

Author Jacqueline’s Soon-to-be Ex topics include:

  • The Hairdresser’s and Trainer’s Well-Meaning (but flawed) Advice
  • Escaping Abusive Marriages – Financial, Emotional & Physical Abuse
  • Why a Bitch from Hell Divorce Lawyer is not (usually) the Best Choice
  • Avoiding The Social Media Pitfall that Derails Well Planned Divorces
  • Pros and Cons of Mediation, Collaborative Divorce or Litigation
  • Court Realities Including Why the Bastard’s Cheating is Irrelevant
  • Advance Emotional, Financial and Legal Preparation
  • Asset Division from the Family Home to a Family Business
  • Maximizing Maintenance, Support and Exit Dignity

Most important, Ms. Newman (both Manhattan’s leading matrimonial lawyer and a parent herself) focuses on the children of divorce in detail to help women assure their progeny’s financial well-being as well as sound advice on easing the emotional marital turbulence for the marriage’s offspring.

While Soon-to-be Ex is solid advice for anyone looking at ending a bad marriage, Jacqueline hits her lawyerly stride with a few chapters of special counsel for the 1% she works with daily (yes the rich ARE different in their divorces too) with a look at:

  • Celebrity Divorces (managing valuable brands in a breakup)
  • High Net Worth Split Ups (for the moneyed and non-moneyed spouses)
  • Grief Saving Prenupts and Postnupts
  • Special Millennial Divorce Issues (for the startup generation)

Jacqueline says it all when she explains why she located her law firm on New York City’s trendy 5th Avenue, “So clients can leave my office and go straight to Saks and Bergdorf’s” she says with a wry smile.

A great and valuable read by a caring and brilliant confidant – every girl’s guide to her best divorce and relaunch – Soon-to-be Ex will be available at booksellers everywhere February 1st.

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