Today's travel guides: More than pretty pictures

Come "Home"

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Today's travel guides: More than pretty pictures

Some travel trends come and go. But one of the hottest, which has only been gaining steam, is home exchanges. Unlike renting a house, condo or apartment, home exchanges are just what the title says—exchanges—where you and another party swap domiciles for the length of a vacation.

The new e-book “Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget: An Insider's Guide to the Home Exchange Experience,” written by self-described semi-retired, globetrotting, baby boomer Ainslie Waldron, provides readers with a wealth of guidance, insiders tips, success and challenges and more. The most obvious benefit to a home exchange is the amount of money you save on lodging. But there’s so much more, such as spending a longer period of time at your destination, simultaneous versus non-simultaneous exchanges, the ability to cook “at home” more often, how to make your home attractive for a home exchange network and enjoying the neighborhood ambiance while “living with” the locals, just to name a few.

And if you think you have to be retired, semi-retired or have a great deal of free time in order to travel this way, it’s time to throw out that idea. The book also demonstrates how you can do it with any amount of time you have, with children, incorporating your hobbies and more. Another benefit to the book is that, as an e-book, readers can get automatic updates when Waldron adds new information.

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