Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget

World travel on your bucket list, but not in your budget? Ainslie Waldron has a perfect solution!

Globetrotting travel author Ainslie Waldron’s book Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget gives expert advice on how to travel the world with free accommodations using home exchanges. Ainslie is a former international management consultant who spent years researching affordable upscale international travel on the super-cheap.

Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget by Ainslie Waldron
Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget

For people who may be retired, semi-retired or for those who have free time but maybe not the resources for a trip to Athens, Amsterdam, or Auckland, a home exchange is a great option that's become one of the hottest trends in travel.

In her book, Ainslie shows readers exactly how to:

  • Live free in a great house or condo in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries;
  • Spend a week or a month living like a local on the same budget you would at home;
  • Offer your own home for an exchange while limiting the risks;
  • Choose a great destination or series of locations to visit;
  • Pick the right Home Exchange network for best results;

The book also includes lists describing what to pack, how to stay in touch, how to list a home in a way that attracts travelers, how to leave the home you are visiting and how to welcome guests to your home.

This how-to guide for home exchanges is written from Ainslie Waldron's own home exchanging experience on three continents. From a condo in Budapest to a villa in Tuscany, Ainslie's multi-month global romps are possible – with no housing costs – all because she put her Australia vacation home into a home exchange network.

See the world without emptying your bank accounts or going into debt!  Ainslie takes the scary unknown out of the equation and lays out a roadmap to affordable luxury. Find out how to enjoy luxury travel on a shoestring budget with Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget.

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