The Ultimate Secret for Business by Ainslie Waldron

The Ultimate Secret for Business

10 Keys to Maximize Profits in Six Months or Less!

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Chapter List

-- Part 1: Blockages - 5 Common Ones and How to Eliminate Them --
Identify The Thing That Irritates You Most Daily
Tragic Person In MissionCritical Job
Tech Guy, Supplier, or Key Employee Holds You Hostage
No Open Channel To Innovation or New Markets
No Time or Commitment To Learn
-- Part 2: Symptoms – Spot Symptoms To Diagnose Hidden Business Illnesses --
Self Sabotage
Fighting Fires Instead of Fire Prevention
Status Quo is Latin for Not Evolving: Don’t Settle
Waiting for the “Right” Time to Change
Listening to Other People Versus Doing What Other People Tell You
-- Part 3: Healing The Business (While Healing Yourself) --
Guaranteed Re-launch Strategies
Team Results Without Team Pitfalls
Win, Win – Profit
Believable Feedback Produces Unbelievable Results
Employee Buy-in in EVERY Department
-- Part 4: Succeed Like the Medicis --
What’s The Big Idea? Sell It
Profit Now While Building For 50 Years
Networking a la the Medicis – Amici Degli Amici (Friends of Friends)
Lessons From the Medicis: Centuries on the Global 100 List
-- Part 5: Take This Book… And Run With It – NOW! --
Decide Now
Act Now
Start Now
Change Now
Succeed Now
Epilogue & Executive Summary
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