Excerpt: Young Revolutionaries Who Rock by Dallas Jessup

Young Revolutionaries

In this book you will meet nine amazing kids – just like you – who saw a problem, decided to fix it, and started their own revolution from the ground up. They aren’t millionaires, they aren’t politicians’ kids or celebrities; they’re just normal kids who wanted to right a wrong and knew the only way to get it done was to start a revolution. So they did.

And here are the Young Revolutionaries Who Rock:

Vasanth Kuppuswamy

…who turned a summer trip to his father’s village in India into a nonprofit organization that provides education, supplies, motivation and inspiration for children to complete school and go on to college.

Claire Crawford

…who started a program to give teddy bears with cleft palates to children with cleft palates so they won’t feel so alone in the hospital as they recover from surgery.

Chad Bullock

…who has made it his life’s mission to stop kids from smoking – and make sure other kids never start.

Ana Dodson

…who started an organization called Peruvian Hearts when she was only eleven to improve the quality of life for children in Peru who are living in orphanages or in extreme poverty.

Daniel Feldman

…who started the non-profit organization Kids Feeding Kids and has raised nearly $40,000 by organizing bake sales and other fund-raising activities to feed hungry children.

Niha Jain

…who visited a local battered women’s shelter and was so moved that she started an organization called Generation United to Succeed (GUTS) to help fund women’s shelters in her community and make them a more pleasant, inviting place to go in time of need.

Pat Pedraja

…who, while recovering from chemotherapy for cancer, saw a news story about how hard it is for minorities to get bone marrow transplants and started an organization to help them do just that.

Austin Gutwein

…who helped bring the plight of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa to light when he went to his school gym and shot 2,057 free-throws to represent the number of kids who would lose their parents during the average school day. Not only did Austin raise awareness for the desperation and devastation that AIDS was causing in Africa, but he raised money to help, with every single basket!

Jeremy Dias

…who, when bullied by classmates (and even teachers) for being “colored and gay,” successfully sued his school board – and used the award money to create a youth-driven charity to address discrimination and promote diversity in Canada’s communities and schools.

Jasmine Petro

…who, in addition to her own charitable work, teaches other kids how to be Young Revolutionaries Who Rock!

But guess what? With all these great, passionate, inspiring young peopel you’ll meet in this book there’s still one missing. Can you guess who it is? That’s right, it’s you. You may not know one single, solitary thing about India, bone marrow transplants, the negative effects of nicotine, the poor people of Peru, cleft palates or even shooting baskets, but deep down inside I know you have something to contribute, something to give, something that sees a need for change.

This is your chance to join the revolution.

This is your chance to be one of the Young Revolutionaries Who Rock!

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