Young Revolutionaries Who Rock Reviews

Teenager Dallas Jessup is the creator of the Just Yell Fire film and phenomenon (see, which teaches girls ten strategies for escaping rape and abduction attempts. She wrote this book to encourage other young people to start their own revolutions.

It is a call to volunteerism in which she speaks directly to teens ages twelve to nineteen, telling them not to wait until they become adults to get involved. The book progresses through nine Rights, beginning with the Right to Get Angry at Injustice, in which Jessup encourages each reader to think about what makes them really angry and then use that outrage to change the world.

She emphasizes the importance of finding something about which they are truly, personally passionate. In later chapters she teaches readers how to identify their unique talents, how to work daily toward effecting change, and the importance of living without fear. Each chapter integrates the inspiring story of a “young revolutionary who rocks,” an ordinary teen who created a program that changed lives for the better.

The combination of practical, sensible advice with stories of actual successes is very effective. Jessup finds the right combination of outrage, encouragement, passion, and hope. This book belongs in all libraries where it will be read by both teens and those who work with them. One can only hope that readers answer her call.

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. Just ask Dallas Jessup. Her story inspired a worldwide revolution.

Teen trailblazers making a difference.

Dallas you're helping a lot of people.

Your book is an inspiration to kids and grownups too. You're shining a light on other kids who are doing great things.

It's so incredible because we hear so much about the narcissism and the self absorption of our kids today but down deep most kids do see needs around them and want a way to help. The book says don't let your youth get in the way of that. It makes kids feel like they have a purpose in life; they're not just a number or a statistic.

Do you think today's teens lack drive or they aren't worried enough about the world around them? Dallas Jessup will prove you wrong.

Unbelievably insightful from someone so young. This book will inspire and empower everyone, young and old to be extraordinary.

Dallas Jessup could have rested on her laurels after receiving the CNN Hero Award and being inducted in the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans. Instead, she is sharing stories of other inspiring young people who are making a difference in the world.

Refreshing. Jessup reminds us that every generation produces young activists who influence our world. A must read for all teenagers.

Dallas is not only a hero, she's a role model for people of all ages and all walks of life. Young Revolutionaries Who Rock is an admirable and inspiring call to leadership that gets straight to the heart of how we all should feel when injustice occurs in our world. Perhaps the most amazing part of Dallas' book is her emotional intelligence at such a young age. Her wise and practical advice makes me want to jump up and say, "Right on!"

The messages in Young Revolutionaries Who Rock by Dallas Jessup are awe inspiring, empowering, strength building and, encouraging. The book profiles teens deeply touched by the needs of people from every walk of life. These young peoples’ hearts were motivated to make the golden rule a measure for their lives. Read stories and gain insight into how these individuals made a difference, and how you can participate in “saving the world one revolution at a time.” Their stories are truly amazing!
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