Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future

1.25.2017 Houston, Texas  Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future, author Jimmy Vallee, is set for March 2017 launch at Sutton Hart Press. Vallee is a leader among the new generation of oilmen. In Giant Shifts author Vallee, lawyer and architect of multi-billion dollar oil and gas mergers, acquisitions and mega deals, assumes the mantle of futurist and defines the several possible futures for America depending on decisions we make today.

Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future by Jimmy Vallee
Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future

Giant Shifts is a must-read for anyone who understands that historically, right now and for the foreseeable future, oil is the world’s most valuable commodity, more valuable that gold. Nations rise and fall depending on their access and wars are constant as countries strive to obtain this valuable resource or to defend it. We all use it directly and indirectly but few understand its economic and geopolitical significance.

Author Jimmy Vallee spotlights America’s new leading role in energy, no longer subject to the geopolitical shackles from dependence on foreign oil, with new discoveries and new technologies that have catapulted the U.S. into the oil and gas limelight.

Giant Shifts looks at:

  • Generational Dynamics – An aging workforce that must transfer institutional knowledge to a new generation of oil workers, and how it’s critical that the industry entice that new group to populate an entirely new energy industry business landscape.
  • Oil and Gas’ Digital Future – Disruptive technologies coupled with new discoveries are creating fascinating efficiencies that are changing the way business is done and Vallee explains how that trend is just getting started.
  • The Geopolitics of Oil – America is up and OPEC is down and those two things have far reaching geopolitical implications. The author decodes the present and opines on the possible global futures dependent on U.S. policy decisions in the very short term.
  • And, other energy trends including the fracking boom and shale revolution, the impact of U.S. oil exports, American cities benefiting from new technology sector – oil partnerships, new capital sources to fuel the industry, and many other pieces to the present, past and future oil and gas U.S. and global mosaic.

Author lawyer Jimmy Vallee, is uniquely qualified to share the information and offer a blueprint for addressing the myriad opportunities presented in today’s oil and gas landscape. Weaving in wisdom gained from his journey as a child in the Texas oil fields to today as an advisor to the boards of some of the country’s most visible energy companies, Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future brings you inside the trillion dollar high stakes oil industry and delivers a convincing view of an exciting future.

Giant Shifts is set for March 15, 2017 release.

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About the Author:  Jimmy Vallee is a leading American energy commentator and mergers and acquisitions lawyer at legal giant Paul Hastings. He provides expert legal commentary on energy related topics for media outlets ranging from U.S. News & World Report to USA Today. A frequent speaker on oil and gas, Jimmy Vallee recently keynoted the national Mensa conference, offering his insights into what’s next for the energy industry. The author is represented by Elite Lawyer Management. More information

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