In the Trenches by Norm Pattis

In the Trenches

With America's Fiercest Trial Lawyer

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Plenty of lawyers write about the law, but few who write try cases. Judge for yourself whether I talk the talk and walk the walk in this collection of occasional essays about life in the law's trenches.
- Norm Pattis

Chapter List

Preface: What Feels Right?
Prologomena: A Victor’s Tears
Eat Your Gun
A Few Good Books
Who Believes in the Presumption of Innocence?
Plea Bargains and Dark Justice
Eat Your Gun, Part Two
Snowden is My Kind of Hero
Roots, Or, Chaos Becomes Me
An Independent Judiciary
Bullies with Briefcases
Justice Conceived Isn’t Theory Relieved
A Too-Powerful Sovereign
Lying Lawmen
Color Blind? Or Willfully Blind?
Apocalyptic Francis
Civil Justice?
Family Law?
A Bombing in Boston
Jury Nullification and a Stupid War on Drugs
All is Vanity
High Profile Mayhem
Eat Your Gun, Part Three
The Simply Irrational
International Law?
Quotidian Conflicts
Brilliant ..... Audacious
Hartford Courant
Legal Top Gun
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