How prepared are you to take seriously the notion that 'we the people' are, in fact, sovereign? Discover the secret, and unused, power of jurors. 'Ask why; then nullify.'
- Norm Pattis

Chapter List

Facts, Law and Letting Juries Decide Cases
Individuals and Interests: The Raw Material of Justice
Federalism Is Passé: The State of Nature is Alive and Well
The Reality of Confl ict and the Necessity of Illusion
People Want to be Heard
Lawyers, Clients, and the “Vanishing Jury Trial”
Papering the Civil Justice System to Death
The Legitimizing Function of Jury Verdicts
Powerful Juries
Justice and High-Profile Trials
John Locke and Jury Duty
Where Locke Went Wrong: Tacit Consent is for Sissies
Pascal’s Wager and the Hope of Citizenship
Epilogue - A Fairy Tale for Our Time
Brilliant ..... Audacious
Hartford Courant
Legal Top Gun
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