Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget

by: Ainslie Waldron

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Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget | Cover Artwork

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Ainslie Waldron
Ainslie is an experienced house swapper. She has exchanged numerous homes in Australia, Europe, Great Britain, USA and Canada. Ainslie is a semi retired business woman based in Brisbane Australia. She was born and educated in Scotland. Ainslie has traveled extensively world-wide for business and more recently for pleasure. Ainslie is an accomplished author and her business books include "The Ultimate Secret for Business " which is available in print form. Ainslie and her partner Michael now spend about six months of every year traveling and house swapping. Michael is retired and enjoys photography. He took most of the photographs in this book. Ainslie has a blog at in which she details her latest travel adventures. The blog also contains checklists and other...



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