Valuable and Thought Provoking Content from Extraordinary Authors


Sutton Hart Press is always looking for great new content from fascinating authors. The typical publishing industry model is to put ninety percent of their resources behind their most commercial authors and then publish 10, 20 or even 200 "other" authors, giving them little or no support, and hoping for one or two breakout successes. Sutton Hart follows a different path.

Our model is to do a limited number of titles each year and give each author's work an unprecedented level of support to assure both literary and commercial success. While many publishers have, at best, a handful of overworked publicity people, each responsible for a dozen or even twenty titles or more, Sutton Hart is partially owned by an award winning publicity firm; we thus have tools, techniques, and technologies at our disposal that are beyond the reach of others in the industry.

To make this level of commitment to the success of our authors and their works, we must necessarily be selective in our choice of projects. We want mediagenic authors who are recognized authorities in their fields. Further, we want these authors to have an in-place platform which includes Leading Voice status in their profession, regular speaking engagements, some level of media exposure and a willingness to participate in a national rollout of their title. All this said, we love exciting first time authors; we're interested in relaunch strategies for existing quality work and we are always looking at interesting co-marketing ideas.

If you believe that your personality and work are a fit with Sutton Hart Press we hope to hear from you. We do not have the bandwidth to review unsolicited submissions so please do not send full or partial manuscripts. There are some liability issues here so we do not open these and they simply go to the Destroy pile. However, as time permits, we will look at any proposal of 750 words or less that include a project overview and details on the author’s platform. Your information should come to us in the body of an email as we do not open attachments. Please be in touch with us at [hidden email].