Verdict for the Defense by Rob Herrington

Verdict for the Defense

Fighting Jackpot Justice with Firewall Defense Strategies

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Chapter List

-- Part I: Mass-Action Litigation --
Why Mass-Action Lawsuits are Different
A Brief History of Class Actions
Class Actions v . Mass Actions
What’s Bad About Mass Actions
-- Part II: The Mass-Action Liability Firewall Process --
Preventing Mass Actions and Class Actions
Firewalling Your Company Against Mass Actions
Liability Firewall Process—Establishing the Context
Firewalling Consumer Class Action Liability
Risk Treatment Plan for Consumer Class Actions
Integration, Monitoring and Improvement
-- Part III: Reducing the Impact of Class Actions and Mass Actions Through Proper Litigation Management and Strategy --
Reducing Risk Through an Effective Litigation Defense Strategy
Know Thy Enemy
Intelligent Litigation Assessment and Strategy
-- Part IV: Trends in Class-Action Litigation --
The Rise of Alternative Litigation Funding
New Laws Will Lead to More Class Actions
The Coming Social Media Maelstrom
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