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Miley Cyrus performed breakup song Slide Away after Liam Hemsworth split

Miley Cyrus had a clear message for her ex, Liam Hemsworth, at the MTV Video Music Awards, as she held hands with her new love interest.

- Daily Telegraph
Miley Cyrus had a clear message for Liam Hemsworth after the MTV VMAs as she flaunted her new love, Kaitlynn Carter.
The singer, 26, performed Slide Away – the breakup song she released days after her split from Hemsworth – and later, showed some serious PDA with Carter, 30, in front of cameras at a New York club.
Perhaps in a case of picking her big moment, Cyrus and Carter appeared to snub the VMAs red carpet at the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey, leaving it...

Can Billionaires Use Bitcoin to Shield Their Fortunes During Divorce?

- The Legal Observer
Jeff Bezos couldn’t have hidden his $140 billion net worth from his wife MacKenzie even if he had wanted to. As much of his fortune is made up of Amazon shares, the nature of his holdings is public knowledge. The same can be said of his interest in the Washington Post and the rocket company Blue Origin. If Bezos had been a crypto billionaire, however, the situation would have been very different.
When asset-manager mogul Bill Gross divorced his wife Sue in 2016, she walked away with...

What Jeff Bezos divorce means for Amazon

- Herald Sun
It can buy mansions, fast cars, fine clothes and luxury holidays but money — even an eyewatering $189 billion dollars — can’t guarantee a happy marriage until death do part.
When Amazon founder and the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, and his author wife MacKenzie announced they were splitting after 25 years marriage on Wednesday, they joined a growing number of couples calling time on their relationship after doing the hard work of raising a family and building a...

How will Jeff Bezos' divorce impact Amazon, and will it cost jobs?

How will Jeff Bezos' divorce impact Amazon, and will it cost jobs?

- Lars Larson Show
Lars Larson: Welcome back to the Lars Larson Show. It’s a pleasure to be with you, and I’m glad to take your phone calls and emails. We’re live on the Radio Northwest Network serving Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, 24 cities in this region with honestly provocative talk radio.  And we’ll get to those calls shortly at 866-HEYLARS. That’s 866-439-5277. Emails go to
The word came this week that the richest man in America - and I checked...

CNN - HLN Bezos Divorce

CNN - HLN Bezos Divorce

- CNN Headline News
Susan Hendricks:
So, we all know what Amazon is, right? Now we know the richest man in the world - here he is, Jeff Bezos with his wife - he filed for divorce. It’s amicable so far, releasing a statement saying, “If we knew 25 years ago, we would do it all again.” But a new development – will this change the way they’re handling their divorce -- after the break.
The warning of Amazon CEO’s divorce announcement sounds very friendly....

The Financial Truth About the '#Me Too' Movement

- Newsmax Finance
For spouses who are divorcing an alleged harasser, the circumstances vary when victim lawsuits are involved. In the case of Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman, a settlement happened quickly, according to Dror Bikel, high-conflict divorce lawyer in Manhattan.
“It was smart on her part to settle fast because the impact of allegations upon a marriage becomes about shielding assets from victim lawsuits,” Bikel told Newsmax Finance. “Georgina won’t be a...

Money Secrets Divorce Attorneys Wish You Knew

- Reader's Digest
If you get married before the age of 50, there's around a 50/50 chance you're going to end up divorced. So best be prepared. Our divorce experts tell us the financial facts you may not know. Equitable distribution versus community property Any divorcing couple can agree on any division of marital property, says Mitchell. However, before you make a settlement proposal, it helps to understand your best and worst-case scenarios if you went to court. That begins with knowing whether you live in...

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