The One Percent Divorce Reviews

Informative and entertaining!

Informative and entertaining! Dror takes you through what can be an overwhelming and very complex process of getting a divorce in a clear and concise manner by explaining the rules and procedures and then illustrating what can go right and what can go wrong for one side or the other by sharing real life examples of high net worth divorces and their outcomes. A must read and excellent resource for anyone going through a divorce, contemplating a divorce, or just curious about how people with substantial wealth and assets can successfully navigate their way through the process with the right team and planning or crash and burn because they let their emotions and egos get the better of them.

Explaining the basics of divorce law in clear and concise terms

A must read for anyone facing the perils of divorce. Not only does Bikel provide a primer, explaining the basics of divorce law in clear and concise terms, he illustrates some of the pitfalls that even some of the most seasoned lawyers encounter in high stakes cases. An entertaining read for the casual reader, an education for those about to experience the complexities of matrimonial law,

An intelligent handbook to divorce

The book looks at divorce not only as a division of wealth, but also as a bitter contest between relentlessly competitive Type A personalities....An intelligent handbook to divorce for the abundantly rich that also contains useful information for the rest of us.

A vital resource

A vital resource for wealthy individuals embroiled in divorce and custody battles and an entertainment book for anyone interested in the lives of the rich and famous. If you’re thinking about divorce or just curious about what happens when celebrities separate, The 1% Divorce is a fascinating guide, straight from the man who’s seen it all.

Wonderful and important

A wonderful and important resource for any high net worth individual considering or getting a divorce.

A compelling and edifying read

Ever wonder what happens when ‘champagne wishes and caviar dreams’ suddenly turn sour? In this fascinating new book, famed New York divorce attorney Dror Bikel explains the divorce styles of the rich and famous. From divorcing in the glare of the public eye to untangling billion-dollar business interests, the issues Bikel describes are at once deeply human and unimaginable. Whether you are a celebrity watcher or have an interest in the practical aspects of the law, you’ll find The 1% Divorce a compelling and edifying read.


Summing up The 1% Divorce in a word: Mesmerizing. Drawn from the headlines including the divorces of Steve and Patricia Cohen, Bill and Sue Gross, Ken and Anna Griffin, Donald and Ivana Trump, Brangelina, and Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos, Bikel niftily walks the reader through critical issues in high net worth divorces...Bikel’s book is a must read. An enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

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