California: State of Collusion by Joseph Tully

California: State of Collusion

Power, Conspiracy, and Cover Ups in a Failed Criminal Justice System

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Chapter List

Why We Fight
Introduction to Psychopaths: Mega-Law-Mania
Cops Acting Badly: Psycho Cops
Prosecutors Acting Badly: Psycho Prosecutors
Judges Acting Badly: Psycho Judges
Politicians Acting Badly: Psycho Politicians
Orange County Snitch Scandal
County Jails
The History of Cannabis Prohibition
Cannabis Laws
The Weaponization of Bail
Stand Your Ground: Self Defense
The Infinite Variety of Laws
Science and the Laws
Media Portrayal of Law Enforcement: Programming and ‘Mean World Syndrome’
Celebrities and Sports Figures
Racism Past and Present - From Chinese Immigrant Taxes to Racial Profiling
Prisons: Systemic Racism
High Courts, High Treason
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